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Fatah TV proud of killer of 10 who carried out “heroic operation”

Awdah TV, Fatah-run  |

Official Fatah channel Awdah TV program Torches - every episode tells about a known prisoner or terrorist who died. This episode about Thaer Hammad was broadcast seven times on Nov. 24, 2015.

Awdah TV narrator and text on screen: “Prisoner Thaer Kayed Qadura Hammad, known as the Wadi Al-Haramiya sniper, one of the prisoners sentenced to life in prison in the occupation’s prisons. Born in 1980 in the town of Silwad, north of Ramallah. He is the son of a Fatah fighter family. In the Karameh battle in 1968, his father’s uncle Harbi Hammad died as a Martyr (Shahid), and his great uncle, Rabhi Hammad was injured. His uncle, Nabil, died as a Martyr during the first Intifada. Thaer Hammad decided to carry out a self-sacrificing operation (i.e., attack) similar to operations of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the military branch of the Fatah movement, like the operation at the Ein 'Arik checkpoint, the Surda checkpoint operation in response to the occupation’s seige on the symbol and Martyr Yasser Arafat in the Muqata'a (i.e., PA presidential headquarters) in Ramallah, he decided to carry out the self-sacrificing operation at the Wadi Al-Haramiya checkpoint, west of the town of Silwad, between the cities of Ramallah and Nablus…
On a Monday (sic., it was a Sunday) morning on [March 3,] 2002, Thaer Hammad carried an old rifle and rode his horse until he was 70 meters from the Wadi Al-Haramiya checkpoint. This operation caused the death of 11 soldiers and injury of 9 (sic, the terrorist killed 7 soldiers and 3 civilians), and afterward he returned to his home in Silwad safely. At the beginning of October 2004, two years after he carried out this heroic operation, the occupation forces arrested him. He was given 11 life sentences in prison…”

Text on sign in picture:
"National Palestinian freedom movement – Fatah
Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – Palestine
Maryr Nidal Al-Amoudi Brigade
The Jihad fighter prisoner
Thaer Kayed Hammad
Sniper of Wadi Al-Haramiya operation, in which 11 Zionist soldiers were killed and an additional 9 were injured”

Thaer Hammad – Palestinian terrorist serving 11 life sentences for murdering 3 Israeli civilians and 7 soldiers by shooting them with a sniper rifle from a hilltop in Wadi Al-Haramiya between Ramallah and Nablus on March 3, 2002.

The Karameh battle, or Al-Karameh - On March 21, 1968, Israeli army forces attacked the town of Karameh in Jordan, where Fatah terrorists had been launching attacks on Israel. Although Israel prevailed militarily, Arafat used the event for propaganda purposes, declaring the battle a great victory that erased the disgrace of the 1967 Six Day War defeat.

Awdah TV is the official Fatah TV channel. According to one of Fatah’s official websites, the channel was founded to “speak in the name of the Fatah movement in order to defend its members and the higher national goals.” The channel is owned by Malek Melhem, a Fatah businessman, and run in cooperation with the Fatah Information and Culture Commission. “Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf is the general supervisor of the Awdah TV station. [Fatah Media website, Jan. 31 and Feb. 13, 2015; Website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, Jan. 31, 2015]

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