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PA daily op-ed: Israel employs “official, ‎organized terror” and “settler terror ‎surpasses that of ISIS”‎

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular ‎columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida
Headline: “And Allah knows the intention”‎
     ‏"‏Yesterday we noted how the Israelis ‎managed to connect between the terror of ‎Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian struggle, ‎and started marketing it as terror after the ‎September [11] events in New York, and ‎here [US Secretary of State John] Kerry ‎follows [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] ‎Netanyahu and uses the same description ‎for the outburst of rage against the ‎occupation and its actions, and the ‎struggle of the oppressed [Palestinian] ‎residents of Jerusalem to defend their ‎homes and holy sites is now considered ‎terror. It would have been appropriate that ‎we get through the crisis after the Paris ‎attacks patiently, because the world is ‎busy with its events, and we are not at its ‎top priority, and Al-Qaeda has not given ‎us anything but the consequences of its ‎Jihadi terror, originally established by ‎the US, and ISIS which walks in its ‎footsteps – also started as the product ‎of a Western intelligence mechanism. ‎Our ability to be united now is what will ‎prevent the occupation from taking ‎advantage of the world’s distraction, in ‎order to go wild with our blood, and ‎strengthen themselves in terms of public ‎diplomacy before the international ‎community. We must be fearlessly ‎‎[honest] with ourselves, and beware of ‎the consequences of rushing ‎unorganized, or out of a wish to die,‎‏ ‏into ‎revenge… Because this is the public ‎image the occupation wants to create ‎for us, although we are facing official, ‎organized terror, and terror by groups ‎of settlers, whose barbarity surpasses ‎that of ISIS, and the occupation goes to ‎great lengths to provoke us, as though it ‎prays for random revenge, in order to ‎photograph and spread it.‎
It is true that the action of individuals is ‎not directed [by anyone], and cannot be ‎organized with the click of a button, but ‎public awareness should lead to an ‎organized, moral struggle, rather than an ‎absurd one.‎
Moreover, it should lead to protecting the ‎lives of the children, youth, and young ‎people, as the current stage is not ‎significant, but rather secondary in regard ‎to the history of the struggle, and whoever ‎claims he will move fleets and shake the ‎earth beneath the feet of the occupation, ‎knows the way to do so, even if he does ‎not implement it.‎
However, this is not through ‎encouraging children to [find ‎themselves] shot on a sidewalk. It is also ‎true that we cannot soothe the raging ‎spirits or the boiling blood, but as we said, ‎the general public awareness expressing ‎rejection‏ ‏can create an atmosphere that ‎will reduce being pointlessly dragged into ‎the traps that the occupation sets ‎everywhere, and Allah knows the ‎intention.”‎

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