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Abbas tells International Federation of Journalists that he supports freedom of media, opinion and expression

Headline: “The president: ‘Free media is a basic need of our people’”
“Yesterday [Nov. 24, 2015] evening, in the presidential compound, President Mahmoud Abbas received a committee from the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), led by the federation’s president, Jim Boumelha, to investigate Israeli crimes against Palestinian media. The president [Abbas] emphasized his absolute support of freedom of the media, and freedom of opinion and expression, such that Palestine will be a role model in this area. He noted that free media is a basic need of our people, in order to convey the suffering it experiences due to the occupation. Likewise, he, the president [Abbas], stressed the importance of the investigation committee’s work in exposing the occupation’s acts against the media, who work to convey the truth to the world.”