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PA daily op-ed demonizes Israel as “thirsty” for Palestinian children’s “blood” and a “death monster” that “devours” them

Headline: “In favor of the terror against Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, and humanity!”
     “Our children are our future: the occupation and settlement are the main criminals inciting our children to take on themselves the role of men.
Our children are the future of the cause, the homeland, and the state… Our children are our spring, our pure flowers, anemones and daffodils. Do not leave them in the hands of one who is thirsty for their blood so he can turn them into a handle for his knives. The Jewish ISIS settler and the Jewish state’s army’s soldier, who intentionally kill our children, came out of the same barbaric womb from which came those who are sending and pushing [our children] to their death, under the illusion of heroism. There is no difference between an Israeli soldier or an ISIS settler who shoots a Palestinian girl because he cannot stand seeing the sparks of joy and hope for the future in her eyes, and the one who convinced her that to die during her childhood is her inevitable fate… It could be that the one assisting the crime is among us, speaks our language, and knows our customs and traditions, and steals from the mothers and fathers their children’s dreams… and afterwards lays them on the wagons of the great criminal, who specializes in the elimination of our language, identity, and culture, so that the bullets from his racist gun will eliminate the mothers’ and fathers’ hopes to reach the threshold of the future with their sons and daughters.
We face two twin criminals – a great criminal who mercilessly kills our children with shooting in the streets and squares, and a criminal who is great, but in the shadow, who describes them as heroes, and pushes one meal after another toward their appetite which longs for the spilling of Palestinian blood.
The greatest criminal is the one sitting in front of the screens of the satellite channels, embroidering the Palestinian flag with the victims’ names, our children and young people, and not trying to prevent the Israeli death monster from devouring them.”