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Fatah official supports the terror wave and calls for “a clear strategy for managing this uprising”

Headline: “Fatah in Jerusalem: The occupation’s decisions are a crime against the residents of Jerusalem and we must confront them with national unity”
"Secretary of Fatah’s Jerusalem branch Adnan Ghaith described the occupation’s decisions as criminal and described them as violence against [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem, and demanded national unity and strategy to manage the popular uprising. Ghaith said yesterday [Nov. 28, 2015] in an interview with Radio Mawtini: ‘The occupation’s decisions in Jerusalem allow arresting children under the age set by law and torturing them, and placing cement barricades in the streets of Jerusalem.’ … likewise, he said: ‘We will continue the struggle until Palestine is liberated and all our demands are achieved.’ He demanded that the national forces and factions unite in order to deal with the crimes the occupation commits, and added: ‘The most important thing to do is to stand united, and determine a clear strategy for managing this uprising, after the occupation blocked all paths to peace.’”