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Official PA daily: Israeli closure of three radio stations in Hebron that incited to kill Israelis is attack on Palestinian free speech

Headline: “The government: The occupation fights the truth – the occupation closes down Radio Dream in Hebron, and extensive Palestinian condemnation”
     “The occupation authorities closed down the local Dream radio station in Hebron yesterday [Nov. 29, 2015], and forbid it to broadcast, after they had broken into its offices and confiscated equipment and broadcasting devices. This is the third radio station in one month that the occupation authorities have closed down in Hebron, after the radio stations Freedom Tribune and Hebron [Radio] were closed down for a period of six months, under the pretext that they ‘incite to violence…’
[PA] government spokesman Ehab Bessaiso, stated that the targeting of Palestinian media outlets by the occupation authorities – in order to suppress freedom of expression and truth, and to prevent the Palestinian message from being communicated – is part of a series of incessant Israeli blows and violations against our people, its land, and its property, taking place before the eyes and ears of the world, in contradiction to all international conventions and agreements.
Bessaiso demanded of the international community and UN organizations an immediate and effective intervention, in order to pressure the occupation government to stop its violations against our people, which have led to the death as Martyrs (Shahids) of more than 105 citizens in two months.
The [PA] Ministry of Telecommunication and IT condemned the recent closure of a few radio stations in Hebron by the occupation army…
The ministry stated that these acts are an outrageous violation of the freedom of the press and international agreements, and a blow to media institutions in Palestine, which are legally carrying out their professional role… Likewise, the Telecommunications Ministry stated that the fact that the occupation army closed the Dream radio station in Hebron, stopped the broadcasts of the Freedom Tribune and Hebron Radio, and threatened Nas FM [radio station] in Jenin, is a declaration of war against Palestinian radio broadcasts, aimed at silencing the free voice conveying the Palestinian people’s aspirations, and its hope for freedom. The ministry emphasized that the Israeli terror is a result of incessant waves of incitement against our media by Israeli politicians, its army, extremists, and its settlers, whose purpose is to hide the [Israeli] crimes that harm every Palestinian.”

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