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Terrorist from Jerusalem synagogue massacre referred to as “Martyr” in PA daily

Headline: “What remained of Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal’s home in Jabel Mukaber in Silwan has been destroyed”
“Occupation forces broke into the home of Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal in the village of Jabel Mukaber, in order to destroy what remained of it.”

Jerusalem Har Nof synagogue terror attack – On Nov. 18, 2014, two Arab terrorists, Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal from East Jerusalem, entered a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem and attacked worshippers with guns, knives and axes, killing 5 worshippers and a police officer. 7 people were injured, 3 of them seriously. The terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli Security Forces that arrived on the scene. On Oct. 24, 2015, the 6th victim, Haim Rothman, died of his wounds.

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