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PA daily rejects “Israeli version” of Palestinian stabber who was shot and killed, calls it an “execution”

Headline: “What happened with the student, a Barcelona [football team] fan, on a rainy morning!”
“On the night of last Nov. 21, the student Mamoun Ra’ed Muhammad Al-Khatib, 16, was not preoccupied with anything but the Clásico (i.e., football game between the teams of Barcelona and Real Madrid), like many among the Palestinian public, divided between the Barcelona and Real Madrid football teams. Al-Khatib followed the game from his home in the town of Al-Dawha, near Bethlehem, and seemed enthusiastic with Barcelona’s victory. He posted on his Facebook page a photo of the game, which he took during its broadcast on TV, and showed a sense of humor when he expressed his joy and consolations to his friends, Real Madrid fans, when he wrote:
‘A morning of victory to all Barcelona fans
A morning of defeat to all Real Madrid fans
Good morning to all Palestinians.’
What could have changed the focus of interest of a Palestinian student, who sees that everything around him carries the smell of blood, and made him go to the [Gush] Etzion settlements junction, south of Bethlehem, with a knife on him? The Israeli version talked about a youth who tried to carry out a stabbing attack, but a soldier’s ‘alertness’ enabled him to end the youth’s [Al-Khatib’s] life, before he could stab anyone. The Palestinian sources concluded from the Israeli version that what happened to the youth Al-Khatib was an execution, one of many executions carried out by occupation soldiers at the junction…”

Mamoun Ra'ed Muhammad al-Khatib – a 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli civilian at the Gush Etzion Junction on Dec.1, 2015. Israeli soldiers at the scene shot the stabber and killed him. An Israeli civilian driving by in his car was wounded by shrapnel.

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