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Swedish MP Kent Ekeroth uses PMW documentation to refute Foreign Minister defense of PA

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström:‎ "I note that President Abbas ‎has made it his mission in life to replace violence with diplomatic struggle ‎to reach an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine...‎" Swedish MP Kent Ekeroth uses PMW documentation ‎to refute Foreign Minister's defense of PA:‎ "[Foreign Minister] Wallström says: 'I've ‎heard him [Abbas] denouncing [terror].' ‎Not once in the last two months with over 20 Israelis dead, has he dissociated himself. ‎Fatah's official Facebook page has a picture of a knife in the back of a Jew, and the text ‎says: ‎Here is Jerusalem – beware. On Fatah's official Twitter account, just a month ago, we see ‎a Palestinian terrorist ‎who plays the violin on a knife. Knives are now used daily to attack the Jews. ‎Here's another picture from Fatah's Facebook account, ‎which is controlled by Mahmoud Abbas. ‎It is a picture of a German book from 1936, that says: ‎Do not trust a Jew. This is from Oct. 29, 2015. I'm sorry, but you cannot say that Abbas is a ‎friend of peace... ‎Wallström and others need to understand that Abbas speaks two languages - ‎one to gullible politicians, where he claims to speak about peace, ‎and another to the Palestinians in which he promotes, glorifies and rewards terror..." ‎ Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs ‎Margot Wallström:‎ "Where you get your information from - only the gods know.‎"

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