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PA called for people to protect Al-Aqsa during Sharon visit and warned it would not prevent violence

Headline: “[Likud party leader Ariel] Sharon will try to defile the Noble Sanctuary (i.e., the Temple Mount) today. [Member of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril] Rajoub: ‘We will not prevent any act of violence arising as a result of the Likud [party] leader’s visit”
     “The occupied city of Jerusalem is in a state of agitation following an announcement about an aggressive tour of the Noble Jerusalem Sanctuary by Israeli General, leader of the Likud [party] Ariel Sharon.
A number of senior officials, institutions, [political] forces and residents called [for people] to assemble this morning in the Noble Sanctuary’s plazas to protect it from the aggression of Sharon and his party members… Israeli Arab Parliament members announced that they would also be present in the Noble Sanctuary’s plazas in solidarity with the Palestinians.
Senior Palestinian officials denounced Sharon’s planned tour. Head of the West Bank Preventive Security Forces Jibril Rajoub warned that the Palestinian Security [Forces] would not prevent any acts of violence stemming from this tour, which was described by a senior member of the ‘Israeli peace [movement]’ as a reminder to Palestinians that Sharon is ‘A symbol of the massacres [that were carried out] against them.’
[Jibril] Rajoub called yesterday [Sept. 27, 2000] to prevent Sharon from visiting the Noble Jerusalem Sanctuary in order to avoid expected conflicts that may occur due to this visit.
In a Hebrew radio interview yesterday Rajoub said… that Israel must prevent Sharon’s visit to the Noble Jerusalem Sanctuary and noted that the Palestinian police would not take any step if violent acts should erupt in the Palestinian territories as a result of this visit…
[PA] Minister of Supplies Abd Al-Aziz Shahin blamed the Israeli government of pushing the whole region towards an explosion by not making a decision that would prevent Sharon from making this visit.”