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Former PA negotiator responds to criticism after visiting his relatives, family of terrorist who was officer in PA intelligence services: Terrorist is “my son”

Headline: “Fierce Israeli attack against Erekat after he expressed condolences over the death as a Martyr of Ariba, who carried out the Hizme checkpoint operation, top negotiator answers: Mazen is my son”
“The Israeli government accused the greatest of the Palestinian negotiators [Saeb Erekat] of supporting what they called ‘terror’ today [Dec. 5, 2015], Saturday, after he paid his condolences to the family of a Martyr (Shahid) who ascended [to Heaven] due to the Israeli occupation army’s shooting at the Hizme checkpoint, east of occupied Jerusalem. Ofir Gendelman, Israeli government spokesperson, tweeted from his personal Twitter account: ‘The PA’s open support of terror has been exposed. [Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee and Fatah Central Committee member] Saeb Erekat consoles the family of a Palestinian security officer who was killed while carrying out a terror attack.’ Gendelman publicized a picture in which the governor of the Jericho district and Dr. Erekat can be seen with the family of Martyr Mazen Hassan Ariba, 37, from the village of Abu Dis, an officer in the general intelligence services, who died as a Martyr from the occupation army’s shooting at the Hizme checkpoint, east of Jerusalem, last Thursday. Erekat responded to what Gendelman wrote by saying: ‘I am honored to console my sister and my cousin Hassan over the death of our son Mazen as a Martyr.’"