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Fatah official: Palestinian terror is response to Israeli “crimes against our people and the sites holy to Islam and Christianity”

Headline: “Al-Aloul: The Palestinian struggle will not end until the defeat of the occupation”
“Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner for Mobilization and Organization Mahmoud Al-Aloul said that the Palestinian struggle will not end as long as the Israeli attacks continue, since the peaceful uprising is in response to the Israeli occupation government’s crimes against our people and the sites holy to Islam and Christianity. Al-Aloul emphasized yesterday [Dec. 5, 2015] in an interview with Radio Mawtini that our people will not be silent about the occupation’s crimes, and will continue to resist until freedom and independence are achieved… Al-Aloul called to increase the pressure on the occupation by all types of popular resistance, whether by participation in activities in the field, or by boycotting its products, in addition to the other types in which every Palestinian citizen needs to participate, because the settlers must be made to live in a state of fear and worry.”