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Official PA daily op-ed: "Barbarity in the name of [Islamic] religion is an American Western innovation," US is behind Islamic terror organizations

Headline: "The elimination of Muslims"
Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular columnist for the official PA daily
       "In the US, a collective murder which claims the lives of dozens of innocent people is committed once or twice a month. Sometimes it is committed by a religious Christian, who tells his victims they will meet in the afterlife, at other times, by a person with satanic tendencies, a criminal fugitive, or a person who hates Jews and glorifies Nazism. This never causes uproar, only this last time, when two Muslim Americans of Pakistani origin carried out a collective massacre, and the media began talking about ISIS and its connection to them. Others began attacking Islam, as if more than two million Arabs killed in Iraq, Syria, and other countries over the last two decades were not victims of American policies, the American invasion of Iraq, and foreign interventions under American protection in Syria. Jerry Falwell, Jr. (the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia since 2007 -Ed.) came out against Islam and called to wipe out all Muslims after the last massacre, and this man is the son of the Zionist Anglican priest, [Jerry] Falwell, who considers believing in Israel and serving it to be every Christian's obligation...
However, it should be noted that Jerry, who did not speak about previous crimes that were committed in his country, came out against Islam indiscriminately, knowing that the teacher of those who call murder "Jihad," is his own country, the first time being in Afghanistan. This is because barbarity in the name of religion is an American Western innovation, and furthermore, the harm to Islam was done by regimes that are subjected to the US or organizations which flourished under American patronage. Even today, Washington and its allies continue to support some of the organizations in one area, and fight them in a different area, as if the goal were to ensure that the process of Islam's defamation continues."