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Cartoon on Fatah TV: Israeli soldiers hunt and murder Palestinians using their rifles as hunting dogs

Awdah TV, Fatah-run  |

Official Fatah channel Awdah TV program Palestine and the Media, cartoon of the day
The cartoon shows Israeli soldiers standing at a checkpoint with rifles drawn in the shape of dogs with which they hunt and murder Palestinians.
To the left is the signature of the cartoonist: “Osama Nazzal”

Awdah TV is the official Fatah TV channel. According to one of Fatah’s official websites, the channel was founded to “speak in the name of the Fatah movement in order to defend its members and the higher national goals.” The channel is owned by Malek Melhem, a Fatah businessman, and run in cooperation with the Fatah Information and Culture Commission. “Fatah spokesman Ahmad Assaf is the general supervisor of the Awdah TV station. [Fatah Media website, Jan. 31 and Feb. 13, 2015; Website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, Jan. 31, 2015]

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