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PA daily reports on PA MP’s jail sentence in Israel

Headline: “The occupation sentenced [Palestinian Authority] PM to 15 months in prison”
“The [Israeli] Ofer military court publicized yesterday [Dec. 7, 2015], Sunday (sic., should be Monday) the decision to sentence PA Parliament (Legislative Council) member Khalida Jarrar to 15 months [in prison], and a fine of 10,000 shekels, in addition to a suspended sentence of one year, for a period of five years. The judge’s decision was made after the indictment published against PM Jarrar was changed to include two clauses – membership in a dangerous organization (i.e., the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP), and incitement against the occupation. The [Israeli] military court judge rejected all the defense’s arguments for the release of MP Khalida Jarrar, and specifically [the defense argued] that as the indictment against her was based on materials collected more than five years ago there is no justification for using it, and that most of the accusations against her were in regard to her activity in the field, which she carried out within the framework of her position as a PA Parliament (Legislative Council) member, and its person responsible for the matter of prisoners.”

Khalida Jarrar – Palestinian Authority MP arrested by Israeli authorities on April 12, 2015, for being a member of the terror organization PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), for inciting to kidnap Israeli soldiers and inciting to terror. On Dec. 6, 2015 she was sentenced to 15 months in prison, fined 10,000 shekels, and given an additional suspended sentence of 10 months for incitement to violence and belonging to the PFLP terror organization. Palestinian Media Watch supplied videos and documentation to the lawyers who built the case against Jarrar.

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