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Abbas’ advisor attends mass in honor of Martyrs of the “uprising” (i.e., wave of stabbings and other attacks against Israelis)

Headline: “Special mass and prayer for the souls of the Martyrs”
“Hundreds of citizens took part in a mass for the souls of our Martyrs (Shahids) of the popular uprising, and held a special prayer session for the recovery of our wounded and the freedom of our prisoners. The mass, which was held at the St. Catherine Church and organized by the Supreme Committee for Churches' Affairs in Palestine, was attended by the President’s [Abbas’] advisor on Christian affairs Ziad Al-Bandak, Terra Santa High School students, and community members. Participants said that this mass was being held in order to ask God to liberate Palestine from the yoke of the occupation, so that it will enjoy freedom and independence, and so that just and comprehensive peace will prevail.”