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Official PA daily gives credence to book claiming Palestinians are natives while acknowledging Hebrews lived in the land temporarily

Headline: “Publication of the book ‘ A Brief History of Palestine’ by Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh”
“The Dar Al-Shorok publishing house recently published a book titled ‘ A Brief History of Palestine,’ by Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh, the head of the [Palestinian] Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction ‘ PEDCAR,’ and a Fatah Central Committee member. The book tells the story of this land in simple language and in a comprehensive manner, and the author moves fluently between the different periods, from the most ancient, through current times. The author begins with the history of Canaanite Palestine, and refers to the tribes and peoples that lived in it, and who lived in coexistence with the inhabitants, such as the Jebusites, the Hyksos, the Hebrews, and the Edomites. Likewise, he continues with the birth of Jesus, the Islamic conquest, the Ottoman period, the development of Zionism, the Nakba of Palestine, and the establishment of the State of Israel. The book clarifies that the original inhabitants of the land of Palestine have always inhabited it, despite the different religions and cultures that came to it [Palestine], and had reciprocal relations with them, while preserving its culture and character, despite mingling with other cultures throughout the years. Likewise, the author proves, by detailing the historical facts, that Palestine was for a long time the target of foreign invasions, which aimed to break the Arab Islamic triangle of Baghdad-Damascus-Cairo, whose unity is a guarantee of Palestine and its inhabitants’ victory.”