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Official PA daily praises Martyrs, who ‎depart “always smiling”‎

Headline: “Nashat Asfour departs with a ‎smile”‎
‎“The Mother of Nashat received the body of ‎her Martyr (Shahid) son 100 meters away ‎‎[from her home] because she could not ‎wait until it reached the doorstep…‎
Nashat was injured by a bullet to the chest ‎during clashes [with the Israeli army] ‎yesterday [Dec. 20, 2015] in Sinjil, and died ‎as a Martyr several hours later. He left ‎behind a wife and three children…‎
His mother said: ‘Nashat was a lion. He ‎was always at the center of events and ‎participated in all national activities and ‎events.’‎
‎‘Nashat was hit by a bullet. He yelled “I was ‎hit by a bullet,” and turned toward his ‎friends. They did not believe him because ‎he was smiling, as if he was joking with ‎them’ – this is how one of his friends ‎described the last moment. ‎
This is how Martyrs depart – always ‎smiling.”‎

Nashat Asfour, a 33 year-old-Palestinian ‎who died in clashes with the Israeli army ‎near the village of Sinjil, northeast of ‎Ramallah, on Dec. 18, 2015.‎