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Official PA daily glorifies terror wave: “the Palestinian blood has merged with all areas of [Israel and PA areas], as the Palestinian knife has an important role in the slaughtering of those law breakers [i.e., Israelis]”

Headline: “The play ‘The Cry of Jerusalem’ is a condemnation of the occupation and its repressive actions”
     “The ‘Knife Revolution’ or ‘Knife Intifada’ which broke out over two months ago in order to protect the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, has witnessed heroic activity and revolutionary escalation by the young people, boys, and girls of Palestine, filled with love for their homeland. This Palestinian uprising broke out due to the desecration of the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and holy sites by the settlers, and this Palestinian rebellion against the Israeli tyranny and occupation has spread to all of Palestine... The Palestinian uprising of the different generations has created a large crack in the foundations of that artificial entity [Israel] because the Palestinian blood has merged with all areas of the West Bank, Afula (i.e., city in northern Israel) and other cities and with heroic Gaza, as the Palestinian knife has an important role in the slaughtering of those law breakers, and the right to [self-]defense. Many Martyrs have fallen, and the Zionist murderers, through their sick media, have begun to kill young girls and boys, claiming they carried knives, even though they knew that they did not do that, in order to mislead the world into thinking that the Palestinian people is a terrorist people.
The events of the play presented two nights ago on the stage of the Irbid (i.e., Jordanian city) municipality theater, under the title ‘The Cry of Jerusalem,’ are based on the things mentioned above , and on the daily atmosphere experienced by the Palestinian … The actors played their roles exceptionally, and clearly illustrated the situation of the characters they portrayed, and the play was in the form of skits connected to each other and showing the suffering of the Palestinian. The role of the girl ‘Abu Zemiru’ is of a girl saved from the bombing of her family’s home because she was abroad, while everyone who was in the house died as Martyrs. She was left alone, and the shock and loss caused what looked like mental illness or a state of ‘mental weakness.’ From the beginning of the play, she screamed ‘O Allah, rain down gunpowder, so we can kill the Jews,’ in the stammering [voice] of a little girl, even though she is a grown girl, until the Jews murdered her, together with the young people carrying out intifada, who killed a group of soldiers.”