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Abbas: Israel is targeting Palestinian children and youth, and attacking “Islamic and Christian holy sites”

Headline: “The president, on International Human Rights Day: The occupation primarily targets our children and young people”
“President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas stated that our people are under a new attack by the occupation and its settlers, as part of their ongoing aggression against its rights, lands and Islamic and Christian holy sites, which targets mainly children and young people, bearers of the dream and the future generation.
The president added in a speech he gave on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, which is today [Dec. 10, 2015]: “…During the aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014, 2,200 Palestinians died as Martyrs (Shahids), including 500 children. From the beginning of Oct. 2015 until now, 117 Palestinians have died as Martyrs, including 25 children. This is in addition to the arrest and torture campaigns against our people, including our children, as from the beginning of 2000 until now, more than 10,000 Palestinian children have been arrested.”