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Sec-Gen of PA Government: Prisoners’ salaries only go to imprisoned terrorists, not to criminal prisoners

Headline: "Abu Diyak: The citizen is not a client of the government bank, but rather a symbol of sacrifice and resolve"
     "Secretary-General of the [PA] government Ali Abu Diyak stated that the government is obligated to provide all of the services to its people, to guarantee citizens' rights, to provide the poor families with a life in dignity, and to pay the needs of Martyrs' families, and the needs and salaries of prisoners in the Israeli occupation's prisons, and released prisoners, according to the law…
He emphasized that the government will not agree to waste public funds, and will not legitimize violations of the law. He stated: 'We handle matters of national concern with complete integrity and responsibility, and the government will not pay public funds to people who are not entitled to them, and will not violate the law. The financial aid is given to poor families who are actually in need, without any discrimination… and Martyrs' salaries are paid to the Martyrs' families, the wounded's allowances are paid to the wounded, and the prisoners' salaries are paid to the fighter prisoners, who were arrested due to their national struggle, and not to other [criminal prisoners]…'
Abu Diyak continued: 'The citizen is a symbol of resolve, sacrifice, and struggle, and not a client of the government bank and of the [PA] Ministry of Finance. Some of the brothers who see the government as a bank, and the citizen as a client, need to reexamine their words, as they well know the truth. They know that the government is the 'national nanny,' and works with all seriousness and responsibility to aid the resolve of all the citizens and to guarantee a life of dignity to all of our heroic prisoners, their families and relatives, and to all of the righteous Martyrs' families. However, it will not pay allowances and salaries to criminal prisoners and others that are not included in the framework of the law.'"