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Fatah libel: Israel executes Palestinian children - and the US supports it

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Fatah libel: Israel executes Palestinian children
- and the US supports it

Nan Jacques Zilberdik

According to this cartoon, posted on the website of Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission this week, both the US and Israel behave like terror organizations, executing the innocent. Titled “Summary executions!”, the cartoon shows an Israeli soldier executing Palestinian children who are tied up and blindfolded, while an American soldier stands next to him reading from a piece of paper, apparently announcing and justifying the execution. [Website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, Dec. 12, 2015]
The scene in the cartoon is reminiscent of different terror organizations’ execution videos in which a statement is often read aloud before the execution of hostages. The flags in the background are also typical of such promotion videos by terror organizations.
The cartoon repeats two libels promoted by the PA and Fatah, which Palestinian Media Watch has documented: that Israel performs field executions of Palestinian children and that all terrorists killed by Israel in the current terror wave are “innocent victims” and never attacked anyone. Nearly all Palestinian attacks are presented to the Palestinian public as Israeli “fabrications.” 
The PA often presents Israel as similar or even worse than ISIS  and alleges that the US and Israel are behind conspiracies to ruin and rule the Arab world .