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PMW end of year request

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The Israeli Government, US Congress, MPs in Britain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Australia, and municipalities and...

Israeli newspapers and TV, international press services, The Washington Post, The Independent, The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, Algemeiner, and The New York Times and...
Research institutes, professors, (too many to mention) and...
Courts of law

US and Israeli law firms on behalf of terror victims suing the PA for compensation for responsibility for terror attacks and...
Pro-Israel  groupsJewish groups, Christian groups, campus organizations, lobbying organizations, bloggers and...
and YOU

YOU, along with tens of thousands of subscribers who receive our bulletins, in-depth reports, and press releases

... have turned to Palestinian Media Watch for the most accurate and vital information, documenting the PA’s naming sporting events and schools after terrorists, paying salaries to terrorists, and teaching kids that Jews are monkeys and pigs. PMW has exposed the PA as the fundamental impediment to peace, and with PMW documentation in hand, members of Congress and parliaments are challenging the PA and cutting its funding.

Imagine the inaccurate image of the PA
without the info PMW has exposed!

We need your support to continue in 2016!
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See Swedish MP Kent Ekeroth quote PMW findings to undermine Swedish Foreign Minister’s claim that Abbas is a peace-seeker
Read UK’s Sunday Express on PMW’s exposure of the PA’s use of UK money to reward terrorists

Here are some of the important PMW stories in 2015:
Your support of PMW assures that this information
continues to reach
decision-makers worldwide.
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