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Fatah spokesman criticizes Hamas, says most of the recent “Martyrs” are from Fatah

Headline: “The occupation raided the homes of 3 Martyrs in the Qalandiya refugee camp in preparation for their demolition, and Fatah eulogizes 6 of its Martyrs”
    “Fatah spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi eulogized 6 of the movement’s Martyrs (Shahids) who ascended [to Heaven] in the last 2 days, and said: ‘They died as Martyrs while defending our land and holy sites.’ He added that ‘the blood of our heroes only strengthens our determination and adherence to our legal rights. The Israeli mechanism of violence and killing will not scare our mighty Palestinian people, and every drop of pure blood that is spilled on the land of Palestine strengthens our resolve and our certainty of victory.’
Al-Qawasmi stated in a press release: ‘We are proud of the fact that members of the Fatah movement head the list of the Jerusalem uprising Martyrs. This proves that Fatah members lead those defending our land and our Jerusalem, next to our mighty Palestinian people, that the Fatah movement knows the path well, and the means of struggle and resistance that serve our people and its just cause, and that [the course of] its compass was and will remain the State of Palestine, Jerusalem the capital, and the unity of the land, the people, and the representation.’
Likewise, he expressed astonishment over the calls of [Khaled] Mashaal and [Ramadan] Shalah (i.e., Islamic Jihad leaders) to the Fatah movement to participate in the Jerusalem uprising, and said: ‘This is a strange call. I invite you to carefully and truly read the list of our brave-hearted Martyrs, and then you will know well that members of the Fatah movement are those that head the list…’  In the last 48 hours, 6 Fatah members have died as Martyrs: Wisam Abu Ghweileh, Anan Abu Habseh, Issa Assaf, and Bilal Zayed from the Qalandiya refugee camp, and Muhammad Zahran and Iyad Ida’is from the Salfit and Hebron districts in the northern and southern West Bank.”

Wisam Abu Ghweileh – Palestinian terrorist who rammed his car into Israeli soldiers, wounding 1, at the Adam junction north of Jerusalem on Dec. 24, 2015. Abu Ghweileh was shot and killed by the soldiers.

Issa Yassin Assaf and Anan Abu Habseh – 21-year-old and 20-year-old Palestinian terrorists who carried out a stabbing attack at the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Dec. 23, 2015. One Israeli was killed and another was wounded in the attack. Israeli police shot and killed the two terrorists and accidentally shot and killed an Israeli who was trying to stop the terrorists.

Bilal Zayed – 21-year-old Palestinian field commander in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades terrorist organization who was killed by gunfire exchanges during a confrontation with Israeli soldiers in the Qalandiya refugee camp on Dec. 24, 2015.

Muhammad Zahran – 22-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded 2 Israeli security guards in the Ariel industrial area. Zahran was shot and killed by one of them.

Iyad Ida’is – Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli soldier with a screwdriver during a security check at a junction south of Hebron. He was shot and killed by soldiers.