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Fatah official praises terror attacks as "heroic acts… which greatly terrify the occupation," encourages Palestinian leadership to support and "take care of" Palestinians who carry them out

Fatah Revolutionary Council member, Hassan Shtewi: "There are two main forms of popular uprising. There is a mass uprising, manifested in demonstrations in different areas, and clashes with the occupation forces in Ramallah and different villages around Qalqilya, Bethlehem, and Hebron, as we can all see. The other form is heroic acts of individuals (i.e., terror attacks), which greatly terrify the occupation... The support for these acts and the families of those carrying them out is currently popular... This support should be regulated by the organizational and political elites, so that we can tell our people: 'You will be taken care of by reliable bodies when it comes to your blood, family and home, if you carry out a heroic act.'"

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