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Fatah to kids: Water the ground "with blood"

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
Fatah to kids:
Water the ground "with blood"
Abbas' Presidential Guard
"Water the olive tree with my blood"
"Their pure blood is a trust
Fatah secretary:
"Respect for the blood of the Martyrs"
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

With Palestinians committing stabbing attacks against Israelis almost daily, the PA and Fatah have chosen to glorify and promote the 'blood' and Martyrdom motifs.

The Facebook page of official spokesman of the PA Security Forces Adnan Al-Damiri, posted a message from Fatah Shabiba youth movement to children that the way to succeed in "revolution" against Israel is to "water it with blood":

"Teach your children to love the land
Teach them that we live a life of suffering
Teach them that there is a seed in the ground
If they water it with blood, a revolution will flower
Teach them that Fatah is the eternal revolution
That the 'Storm'
Is the blade of the intifada
And that the Shabiba are the knights of the rocks."
[Facebook page of official spokesman of the PA Security Forces,
Adnan Al-Damiri on Dec. 21, 2015]

In addition, the post celebrated the first Fatah attack against Israel in 1965.

A Fatah cartoon presented the spilling of Palestinian blood as an integral part of the Palestinian fight and identity.

The blood of a Palestinian with a slingshot, who has been shot dead by an Israeli soldier, forms the red triangle of the Palestinian flag. In addition, the blood also creates another, new Palestinian, who with a slingshot throws a rock at the armed Israeli soldier, hitting him in the face. The cartoon suggests that no matter how many Palestinians are killed, and how much blood is shed, new Palestinians will take their place and fight against Israel.
Fatah titled the cartoon: "We will resist with the stones of our land."
[Website of Fatah's Information and Culture Commission, Dec. 27, 2015]

Continuing the blood motif, Mahmoud Abbas' Presidential  Guards posted on its Facebook a text promoting Martyrdom and having one's blood shed for "Palestine":  

"Before you pull out its roots, kill me and water the olive tree with my blood"
[Facebook page of the
PA Presidential Guards,
Dec. 3, 2015]

Accompanying the text was an image with symbols, including the PA's map of "Palestine" that replaces and erases all of Israel, a clenched fist with a bracelet in the colors of the Palestinian flag, and a man waving a Palestinian flag.

The motif of willingly shedding one's blood for Palestine and the presentation of this act as an ideal, are common in PA and Fatah discourse, as
Palestinian Media Watch has reported. Martyrs' blood is sometimes referred to in an almost cult-like manner and presented as being worshipped by Palestinians.

Another cartoon expresses the ideal of spilling one's blood to "redeem" Palestine. The cartoon shows a Palestinian "Martyr's" mother saying to Santa Claus: "I want to bury my son in the bosom of the land he redeemed with his blood, and [I ask] that he not remain in the Zionist refrigerators." [emphasis added, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 26, 2015] The "Zionist refrigerators" refers to terrorists' bodies being held by Israel and not transferred immediately to the PA.

In this spirit, secretary of the northern Hebron Fatah branch, Hani Ja'ara, yesterday expressed Fatah's "respect" for Palestinian blood spilled:

"As a sign of respect for the blood of the Martyrs who ascended [to Heaven] in the popular uprising, the [Fatah] movement will visit the families of the Martyrs, prisoners, and injured out of loyalty and appreciation for the sacrifice they have made for Palestine."
[emphasis added, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec. 29, 2015]

Similarly, Fatah posted the "will" of a terrorist, which included the following praise for Martyrs' blood:

"This is Jihad - victory or Martyrdom
We must always remember the Martyrs, and remember that their pure blood is a trust hung around our necks, and that nobody but us will carry this trust."
[Official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement, Dec. 18, 2015]

Even PA Chairman Abbas referred to spilled blood as sacred when he encouraged Palestinians to spill their blood to defend Al-Aqsa against the Jews and their "filthy feet." A few days later, the Secretary-General of the General Union of Palestinian Teachers Ahmed Sahwil reiterated this encouragement of sacrificing oneself, stating:  "We will redeem Al-Aqsa with our souls... and sacrifice our soul and blood. Recently Palestinian Media Watch reported on a song on official PA TV, which included the words "My blood belongs to my land... there is nothing sweeter than Martyrdom... the blood of righteous Martyrs will water it [the land]."

The following is a longer excerpt of one of the reports mentioned above:

Photo and text posted on the official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement on Dec. 18, 2015

Text: "Will of the heroic Martyr (Shahid) Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Iyad, who carried out the car ramming operation (i.e, terror attack by car) at the entrance to Silwad."

The photo shows the hand written will of Palestinian terrorist Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Iyad:
"In the name of All Merciful Allah
'And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision,' (Surah 3:169, Sahih International translation)
My merciful mother, my dear father,
My heart is unable to see the occupation destroy, kill, and desecrate the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Therefore, I have resolved to sacrifice my life for Allah, because if we, the young, do not carry out Jihad for Allah, who will? I hope that you will forgive me and that you will be pleased with me.
This is Jihad - victory or Martyrdom
We must always remember the Martyrs, and remember that their pure blood is a trust hung around our necks, and that nobody but us will carry this trust."
[Official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement, Dec. 18, 2015]

Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Iyad - 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist who tried to ram his car into a group of Israeli soldiers in Silwad, north of Ramallah, on Dec. 18, 2015. After they warned him to stop and he instead sped up, he was shot and killed by the soldiers.