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Fatah official: Fatah, not Hamas, is leading the “mass uprising,” i.e., terror wave

Headline: “Zaki: Hamas actions are proof that it is not a part of the Palestinian identity”
“Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner of Arab Relations and Relations with China Abbas Zaki said that the actions taken by Hamas in the Gaza Strip shortly before the rally to mark the 51st anniversary of the Palestinian revolution are additional proof that it is not a part of the Palestinian identity. Zaki said yesterday in an interview with Radio Mawtini: ‘The harassment and arrests being carried out by Hamas in an attempt to cause the rally marking the launch [of Fatah] (Intilaqa) to fail is a great loss for it [Hamas]. It proves that it is not a part of the Palestinian identity.’ He emphasized that the Fatah movement draws its strength from its people, and noted that its fingerprints are clearly evident in the popular Palestinian uprising, whose goal is to protect the inalienable national rights and obtain freedom and independence. Zaki added that ‘Hamas needs to understand that Fatah is carrying the flag of victory, through the national measures [it takes], and that the fact that it is currently leading the mass uprising is the best proof of this.’”

Intilaqa - “The launch” of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to bomb Israel's National Water Carrier –Ed.

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