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Head of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs speaks at ceremony honoring terrorists in Israeli prison

Nativity TV (a TV channel broadcast from Bethlehem) YouTube channel

On Dec. 30, 2015 a ceremony was held in Bethlehem to unveil an exhibition in honor of 52 prisoners from the district who are serving life sentences.

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Pictures from before the ceremony, interviews with terrorists’ relatives

Interview with Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake during which he said that the exhibit is a symbol of love for and loyalty to the prisoners

Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake: "This is a symbol of salute, love, and loyalty to the prisoners in prison. The Palestinian people will not be silent and will not rest as long as there is suffering and there are thousands within the occupation's prisons."

Speech by released prisoner Khaled Al-Arouj

Speech by Mayor of Bethlehem Vera Baboun:
Mayor of Bethlehem Vera Baboun: “When the municipality decided to build this new construction… the reason was the national value and national struggle being waged by every one of the prisoners throughout the homeland. Today we are talking about life prisoners, prisoners sitting in the [Israeli] prisons and waiting together with us for life outside of them.”

Speech by Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake

A girl recites a poem

Speech by Archbishop Atallah Hanna:
Archbishop Atallah Hanna: “The honoring of the prisoners is a message to the entire world – we will not abandon these heroes who are sitting behind bars… Jerusalem will remain present everywhere, especially when we are honoring our prisoners, who fought for Jerusalem, for its holy sites, so that it will remain a symbol of our honor and a spiritual and national capital of our independent Palestinian state…
Blessings to our righteous Martyrs who fall every day in the arenas of struggle, conflict, and resistance, these Martyrs, who prove with their blood and struggle that the Palestinian cause is the cause of a living people, which will not die and which is fighting for its freedom and honor.”

Speech by Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki: “These heroes lost their freedom for this great people, for the most just cause of this era. These freedom prisoners [are serving] 52 life sentences, 15,000 years of imprisonment [to which they were sentenced by] the hated, despicable Zionism…
Today we enter the 51st year of our revolution. But I say to you: We will remain prisoners, if we do not formulate a strategy that proves that the Fatah movement did not start a struggle in [19]65, an armed struggle, and did not light the skies of the Arab [countries] with bullets, [just] to stop now in the face of these despicable [people], who are Judaizing the land…
We know how to wage our wars. Without any means, young people in their best years, from the Oslo generation, have imposed curfew in a few places , and made them [Israelis] lose sleep, and [Secretary-General of the UN] Ban Ki-moon and [US Secretary of State John] Kerry have come to us in order to stop what is called the ‘uprising.’ Imagine if this was intifada or revolution.”

Presentation of certificates to released prisoners