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Fatah announcement for 51st ‎anniversary: Most Martyrs have been ‎from Fatah

Headline: “Fatah is in the front rank of the ‎struggle, from the Launch (Intilaqa) to the ‎Jerusalem uprising”‎‏ ‏
     ‎“Fatah’s main announcement on the ‎occasion of the 51st anniversary of ‎Fatah’s launch (Intilaqa):‎
‎… Our resisting Palestinian people, our ‎glorious Arab nation
Behold your movement today, as it enters ‎its 51st year (sic., should be 52nd as this ‎is the 51st anniversary –Ed.), renewing its ‎promise and vow [to carry out] a popular ‎uprising with its compass needle pointing ‎towards Jerusalem, the eternal capital of ‎Palestine, whose sacrifices are intended ‎to redeem its Islamic and Christian holy ‎sites, and to defend the first direction of ‎prayer and third holiest Islamic ‎sanctuary, the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.‎
Behold the young national fighters revive ‎with their heroic acts and their creative ‎means of revolution, the image of the ‎self-sacrificing fighter (fida’i) and our ‎people’s path of struggle. They emphasize ‎before the world, that unless they enjoy ‎peace based on the fulfillment of their ‎legal rights, the racist occupation and ‎settlement state will not enjoy any ‎stability on the ground of its [the ‎Palestinian people’s] homeland and ‎state, and they will make it [Israel] pay the ‎price of its occupation, settlement, and the ‎crimes of its army and its militias of ‎terrorist settlers. They [the young ‎Palestinian fighters] will also respond to ‎its [the occupation’s] aggression against ‎their people and its holy sites, whatever ‎the sacrifices, and regardless of how ‎much longer the list of Martyrs ‎‎(Shahids), which we are proud of as a ‎liberation movement, becomes. This is, as ‎most of the names of the eternal Martyrs ‎in the Jerusalem uprising came out of ‎the ranks of Fatah’s national school. ‎They ascended [to Heaven] on the same ‎path and for the same goals for whose ‎fulfillment thousands of female and male ‎fighters from all the organizational and ‎leadership frameworks, as well as the ‎movement’s founding leaders, headed by ‎the revolution’s leader, president, Martyr, ‎and symbol Yasser Arafat, were killed. It ‎will be noted in the pages of history that ‎the Fatah movement, the leader of the ‎revolution, the two Intifadas, the popular ‎uprising and the Jerusalem uprising, will ‎forever continue in the race towards the ‎scene of the confrontation with the ‎occupation, as the vast majority of the ‎Martyrs are wrapped in the flag of the ‎homeland Palestine and their heads are ‎adorned with the flag of Fatah, whose ‎fighters compete against each other ‎over who will sacrifice more for the ‎homeland.”‎

Intilaqa – "The Launch" – i.e., the launch of ‎Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out ‎its first terror attack against Israel, ‎attempting to bomb Israel's National Water ‎Carrier.