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PA Ministry of Information: Israel freezes terrorists’ bodies and steals their organs

Headline: “Ministry of Information: Our Martyrs are not guinea pigs”
“The [PA] Ministry of Information stated that the fact that the occupation continues to hold the Martyrs’ (Shahids’) bodies, to bargain with their families over the conditions for their transfer and to pressure them not to perform autopsies on the bodies, and to release the bodies after freezing them at very low temperatures, is an act of terrorism, which kills the Martyrs of freedom a second time. The ministry emphasized in its notice yesterday [Dec. 30, 2015] that what is happening to the Martyrs’ bodies is something that cannot be overlooked, and that it is a criminal act that requires the human conscience to act to stop this immediately. The ministry stated that our people’s Martyrs are not guinea pigs that can be frozen and have their organs stolen. They have honor and dignity, because they fell for their occupied land, and the entire world’s laws permit them to resist its occupier. They [the Martyrs] cannot be related to as bandits, and falsely accusing them of terror is an attempt to hide the [occupation’s] crimes and their cold-blooded assassination.”