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Fatah official at rally in Gaza: “Popular uprising” has been led by Fatah members

Headline: “Al-Agha: We say to those who await Fatah’s death – you must wait forever”
“A large crowd of Fatah movement members took part yesterday [Dec. 31, 2015], Thursday, in the 51st torch lighting [ceremony] (on the 51st anniversary of Fatah –Ed.) at the Unknown Soldier's Square in Gaza, shouting enthusiastically and calling for national unity and the ending of the internal rift [between Fatah and Hamas]. Fatah Central Committee member Dr. Zakaria Al-Agha gave the movement’s main speech… and noted that the young Palestinians turned to confrontations with the occupation in the West Bank cities after Israel broke off the future of the process of an agreement with the PA leadership. He added: “Amid the popular uprising that has been going on for 3 months, led by Fatah members, the enemy still turns its back on our people’s rights, and insists on carrying out racist and fascist acts, in all their different forms.”