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Fatah youth movement calls on Palestinians to support and escalate the intifada, demands PLO rescind recognition of Israel

Images and text posted on the official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement on Jan. 2, 2016
Text: "The Fatah [youth movement] Shabiba leadership in Palestine made an announcement on the 51st anniversary of the outbreak of the modern Palestinian revolution led by the Fatah movement… Fatah Shabiba emphasized that the Jerusalem Intifada is growing stronger, and proudly saluted the homeland's young, who are carrying out intifada against the occupation. It called on all sectors of the people to participate in it, in order to support it, aid it, and turn it into the intifada of liberation and redemption from the occupation. Likewise, it expressed appreciation of the efforts of Fatah Shabiba's members, and of all our people's young in the universities, high schools, and everywhere, who are actualizing their right to resist and refuse the occupation. In addition, Fatah's Shabiba demanded of the PLO, the legal and sole representative of the Palestinian people in the homeland and the Diaspora, to immediately rescind its recognition of the occupation state. It emphasized that the time has come to make this decision, to act vigorously against the usurping occupier, to increase the readiness for resistance, to coordinate all of the popular and international efforts, to boycott [Israel] politically and economically, and to submit claims against its [Israel’s] criminal leaders to the International Criminal Court."