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PA TV song honoring Arafat glorifies violence and venerates rifle

"Engrave on the rifle butt the symbol of Fatah's Al-Asifa [unit]
He [Arafat] taught the whole world how to revolt. Yasser - symbol of freedom
Oh Elder, I swear by [your] uniform and your keffiya
Mahmoud Abbas is on the same path when it comes to [our] state and identity
We fired the rifle, we faced the storm
We responded to the cannon with a pistol
Using stones, we ignited a revolution and wrote [history], oh Fatah men
On the rifle butt, we have engraved [Fatah's] symbol
On the grip, we have engraved "Arafat"
On the top cover we have inscribed the history of the free
On the barrel -- the name of the homeland
The flash-suppressor ignited and burst
Here it is, oh rifle sight
The state is only a few meters away
Oh action-spring, receive and shoot [bullets] continuously
Change the magazine -- there are hundreds [of them]
Load it into the chamber
Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy and salute the Elder (Arafat)"

Note: This video aired 7 times in one week, four times on Nov. 11, twice on Nov. 13 and again on Nov. 16, 2011. It was broadcast in 2012 on on Dec. 29 and 31, once in 2013 on Dec. 31, and three times in January 2015 , once on Dec. 31, 2015 and once on Jan. 3, 2016.

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