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Fatah leader praises young Palestinians for heeding PA call: “They succeeded in making Israel worry, with rocks and knives”

Member of Fatah Central Committee, Abbas Zaki:
“The Palestinian people, whom Allah created to be strong, cannot surrender like the other [Arab] regimes that saw Israel as a natural state in the region... From where did the reaction come when [PA President] Mahmoud Abbas and the political leadership announced that we cannot take it any longer, in other words, that we will not agree to a PA without authority and an occupation without cost [to Israel]? Who took action? The young from the Oslo generation who are in the prime of their youth did, [those] whom Allah chose and loved. They chose the path of Martyrdom (Shahada). Yes, they marched of their own will on the illuminated path to Paradise. They succeeded in making Israel worry, with rocks and knives, and in imposing a curfew on several parts of our occupied land, the so-called State of Israel.
The Israelis seemed confused, and the moment the number of our Martyrs reached 36 [UN Secretary-General] Ban Ki-moon, [US Secretary of State John] Kerry, and the world began to take an interest in us, in order to stop the popular uprising, as they did during our big intifada in 1987, when women, children, elderly, and rocks broke the barrier of fear, and rebelled against the strongest military force in the region. Today history repeats itself. Our young people have forced [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu - who stated that Jerusalem is the eternal united capital [of Israel] - to place cement blocks in order to separate Arabs and Jews, as he did in Jabel Mukaber. Blessings to Jerusalem, to the young people of Jerusalem! ...
Yasser Arafat has been reborn and the crusade continues. The blood, the sweat, and the tears will be a minor matter when the hope for the return and the establishment of a [Palestinian] state with Jerusalem as its capital is realized. When a state is established and we take Jerusalem, the Zionist idea which inspired their hearts will collapse and they will leave, defeated, because they created the myth according to which Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria are The Promised Land, and they are Allah’s chosen people. They will not be Allah’s chosen people, Ursalim (i.e., infrequently used Arabic name for Jerusalem, parallel to Hebrew name) will be nothing but Al-Quds (i.e., more common Arabic name for Jerusalem), Samaria will be nothing but the Mountain of Fire (i.e., nickname for Nablus), and Hebron will be nothing but the capital of rage, until liberation.”
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