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PA PM honors “courageous Martyrs’" who died carrying out "peaceful popular resistance" and says world supports Palestinians because of them

Headline: “Hamdallah: Loyalty to the Martyrs’ sacrifices requires us to combine all the activities in order to obtain further [support] from worldwide public opinion”
“[PA] Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah said: ‘Thanks to our courageous Martyrs’ (Shahids’) sacrifices, the resolve of the prisoners of freedom, and the people’s insistence on change and creating hope, the world now recognizes our people’s legal rights and our right to live a life of freedom and dignity on the land of our homeland. Therefore, parliaments and nations have recognized the State of Palestine one after the other, and we have succeeded in conveying to every international forum and stage our people’s message that it is necessary to side with its suffering which has been going on for 68 years, end the longest military occupation known by modern history, and to be released from its fences, settlement, and the settlers’ terror.’ These things were said during his speech in the central ceremony of Palestinian Martyrs’ Day on Wednesday [Jan. 6, 2016] in Ramallah, in the presence of Ramallah and El-Bireh district Governor Laila Ghannam…
The prime minister added: ‘…since the years of the Nakba (“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and expulsion, during the revolution and on the path of popular peaceful resistance, thousands of Martyrs have died who sacrificed their lives to stand against the Israeli occupation and its settlement plots, and to restore our national rights, recognized by international law, and ratified by international bodies, central among them our people’s right to freedom, return, and self-definition.’”