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PLF official glorifies Martyrs, including Samir Kuntar: They died so “that their blood would blend with the homeland’s soil” and “role models for dealing with imperialist and racist powers”

Headline: Al-Yusuf: “Martyr’s day takes place in the shadow of Kuntar’s absence in order to emphasize the shared Arab destiny”
       “Deputy Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Front Nazem Al-Yusuf stated today [Jan. 7, 2016], Thursday, Palestinian Martyr’s (Shahid) Day… that ‘The Martyrs are torches that light the way. They died as Martyrs so that their blood would blend with the homeland’s soil, and in order to become an illuminating beacon in the skies of glory, and worldwide role models for dealing with imperialist and racist powers.’
Moreover, he called to rise to the level of the Martyrs’ sacrifices, which requires adherence to the PLO framework, revival of its institutions, and agreeing to a unified national strategy that will embrace the option of intifada and all-out uprising… Al-Yusuf added: ‘Martyr’s Day takes place in the shadow of the absence of Martyr Samir Kuntar, commander of the Nahariya operation (i.e., terror attack in which 4 Israelis were killed) of the Palestine Liberation Front, Martyr leader ‘Gamal Abdel Nasser’ operation, and one of the leaders of the national resistance in the Hezbollah leadership, in order to emphasize the shared Arab destiny, and that the Palestinian people will insist on advancing on its path towards freedom without the Arab home front…’
Al-Yusuf saluted the male and female prisoners in the occupation’s prisons and said: ‘The [Palestine Liberation] Front will remain loyal to the Martyrs’ sacrifices, and the Intifada and resistance will remain its permanent option until the liberation of land and man.”

Samir Kuntar - A Lebanese terrorist who murdered 4 Israelis in Nahariya in 1979: 3 members of the Haran family - 4-year-old Einat Haran, who Kuntar murdered by smashing her head with his rifle butt, 2-year-old Yael, who was accidentally suffocated as her mother tried to keep her silent while they hid from the terrorists, and their father, Danny Haran - and Eliyahu Shahar, the first policeman to respond.Kuntar was sentenced by Israel to 4 life sentences. He was released in a deal between Israel and Hezbollah in July 2008, exchanged for the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, Israeli soldiers kidnapped and killed by Hezbollah in 2006.  On Dec. 19, 2015, he was killed in an explosion in Syria. An Israeli airstrike is suspected by some, though the Free Syrian Army took credit.