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Child on PA TV: The Jews killed Arafat, PA TV confirms: The occupation killed him

Official PA TV program
Children’s Talk
Official PA TV host Walaa Battat asks a girl who drew Yasser Arafat: “What do you know about Yasser Arafat? You were not born yet when he died as a Martyr (Shahid). Did your father tell you a lot about him?
Girl: “Yes.”
Official PA TV host: “Very nice. What did he tell you about him?
Girl: “Yasser Arafat wanted to fight in order to free Palestine, and suddenly the Jews killed him and he died as a Martyr.”
Official PA TV host: “My dear, may Allah have mercy on his soul and on the souls of all our Martyrs. It is happening at the moment to all of our Martyrs. But he [Arafat] was the leader and the symbol... Yasser Arafat is a legend, a special man. His wish was to die as a Martyr, and he did indeed die as a Martyr. However, when the occupation understood that he would not give up on his great dream, which was the liberation of Palestine, unfortunately they killed him.”
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