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Palestinian children wear “explosive belts” and hold toy guns and RPGs in procession celebrating Fatah’s 51st aniversary

(Pictures from Ma’an, independent Palestinian news agency, Jan. 7, 2016)

Headline: “Fatah marked the anniversary of the Launch in Bethlehem”
     “The Fatah movement in Bethlehem marked the 51st anniversary of the Launch (Intilaqa) with a huge ceremony in the Deheisheh refugee camp yesterday [Jan. 7, 2015]. Thousands set out from three [different] places in processions that passed through a number of streets in the district and met at the Martyr’s Tower in the Deheisheh refugee camp, where a speech rally was held in the presence of Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul, Head of the General Intelligence Services Majed Faraj, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Rula Ma’ay’a and dozens of the movement’s leaders in the district. At the head of the procession, which began at the President [Yasser Arafat]’s Airstrip at the top of the Zaher Hill in the Deheisheh refugee camp, stood masked men, and behind them walked children who wore black shirts with pictures of the deceased president Yasser Arafat and Martyr (Shahid) Jihad Al-Ja'afari, called ‘Gaddafi’, under the name ‘death squads.’ Likewise, children were seen carrying models of RPGs (i.e., rocket projected grenades) and explosive belts, and they all walked through the alleys of the refugee camp in the procession, during which the sound of songs of the national revolution were heard.”
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Intilaqa - "The Launch" of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to bomb Israel's National Water Carrier

Jihad Al-Ja’afari (“Gaddafi”) - 19-year-old Palestinian who threw a Molotov cocktail and was then injured by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire during confrontations in the Deheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem on Feb. 24, 2015. Al-Ja'afari later died of his wounds.

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