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PA daily claims Israel “executed” terrorist who killed 3 in Tel Aviv, and that Netanyahu threatened and encouraged further “summary executions” of Palestinians

Headline: “Netanyahu threatens and promises to continue summary executions”
     “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to back up the [Israeli] police, [Israeli] Intelligence Services, and the Israeli police counter-terrorism unit, and to encourage them to continue the summary executions that they are carrying out in the West Bank, Gaza, and the Palestinian interior (i.e., Israel)... In response to the execution of Nashat Melhem by special Israeli police forces, Netanyahu stated that ‘in the name of all Israel’s citizens,’ he thanks ‘the police, intelligence services, and counter-terrorism unit for their precise work around the clock and for carrying out the mission required of them (sic., not Netanyahu’s actual statement).’  In his statements, Netanyahu continued to threaten. He said: ‘Whoever murders Israelis or assists [murderers], his fate will be the same, within Israel’s borders and outside them.’”
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Nashat Melhem - 29-year-old Israeli Arab terrorist who carried out a shooting attack, killing 2 Israelis, Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, and wounding 8 others, at Hasimta bar in Tel Aviv on Jan. 1, 2016. Melhem fled the scene, and later that day killed a taxi driver, Bedouin Israeli Amin Shaaban, in another part of Tel Aviv. A week after the attacks, on Jan. 8, 2016, Israeli security forces tracked down Melhem in a building in his hometown of Arara in the north of Israel. After Melhem opened fire at them, the Israeli security forces shot and killed him.

Netanyahu’s actual words on Jan. 9, 2016: “In the name of all the citizens of Israel, I thank the police, intelligence service, the SWAT team – they did their work professionally, systematically, day and night they focused on the goal and achieved it… Everyone who comes to murder Israelis should know that sooner or later we will reach him, within the borders of the state, and outside the borders. No one is immune. We will reach the murderers and we will reach everyone who assists them.”

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