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Palestinian Table Tennis ‎Association delegate holds ‎tapestry with a map of ‎‎“Palestine” erasing Israel

Photo shows Radwan Al-Sharif ‎and Khalil Al-Mohannadi holding a ‎tapestry with a map of “Palestine” ‎that includes the PA areas as well ‎as all of Israel, a Palestinian flag, ‎indicating political sovereignty over ‎the whole area, and a hand with ‎two fingers raised in a “V” for ‎‎“victory.”‎
Headline: “The Table Tennis ‎Association expressed its ‎appreciation of the support ‎rendered to it by its Qatari ‎counterpart”‎
     ‎“Deputy Chairman of the Palestine ‎Table Tennis Association Radwan ‎Al-Sharif expressed his ‎appreciation of the role of the Qatar ‎Table Tennis Association (QTTI), ‎which was represented by its ‎chairman and the Deputy ‎Chairman of the International Table ‎Tennis Federation (ITTF) Khalil Al-‎Mohannadi, in assisting ‎Palestinian table tennis.”‎
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