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Fatah official: The PA is responsible for PA employees in Gaza not working, and therefore is responsible for paying their salaries

Headline: “She addressed all the issues and answered honestly: Donia Al- Watan in a comprehensive interview with Fatah Central Committee member Amal Hamad”
     “Our people and the [PA] Palestinian government are responsible for neglecting the issue of [public] employees. The subject has been neglected for many years. There are no promotions, the situation of the Gazan employees cannot be compared to [the situation of] the employees in the West Bank, and the employees are not receiving their minimum rights. Therefore, the national unity government has not fulfilled its responsibility, particularly in regard to the Authority’s employees, who receive the salaries, to which they are entitled, from the national unity government... [For instance] an employee, a doctor, who is meant to receive his salary from Ramallah – the doctor in Ramallah received a raise, but the doctor in Gaza did not receive a raise. This spread to a number of fields, not just doctors, but also teachers, and employees in the medical field and other fields. What is required is social justice, that there be equality between the PA employees who receive their salaries from the PA in Gaza and in Ramallah. The employees staying at home are not staying at home out of choice. A decision was made by [former] Prime Minister Salam Fayyad according to which they needed to stay at home. Therefore, he who required them to stay at home and stuck to these directives has the full responsibility to take care of their issue and give them their rights, which are equal to those of the rest of the employees who receive their salaries from the PA."

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