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PA official awarded plaque with a map ‎of “Palestine” that includes Israel and ‎PA areas

The picture shows District Governor of ‎Jericho and the Jordan Valley Majed Al-‎Fatiani being honored. The plaque of ‎honor he received shows a map of ‎‎"Palestine" that includes the PA areas as ‎well as all of Israel.‎
Headline: “Jericho and Jordan Valley ‎district governor: ‘We will strive to improve ‎the conditions in the district’s clubs’”‎
‎“District Governor of Jericho and the ‎Jordan Valley Majed Al-Fatiani said: ‘We ‎will strive to improve the conditions in the ‎district’s clubs, in cooperation with the ‎Supreme Council for Sport and Youth ‎Affairs’… during a meeting held today ‎‎[Jan. 15, 2016], Thursday, in the morning, ‎attended by Deputy District Governor ‎Jamal Rajoub, Director of the Education ‎Administration Muhammad Al-Hawwash, ‎Assistant Secretary-General of the ‎Central Council Mahera Al-Jamal, and ‎Secretary of the Fatah movement Jihad ‎Abu Al-Asal in the district headquarters…‎ At the meeting, the Supreme Council for ‎Sport and Youth Affairs honored District ‎Governor of Jericho and the Jordan ‎Valley Majed Al-Fatiani for the efforts he ‎has made on behalf of the youth and ‎sport."‎