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Fatah Facebook posts map of ‎‎“Palestine” together with image of a ‎terrorist “heroic Martyr”

The image shows the Palestinian terrorist ‎Haitham Mahmoud Abd Al-Jalil Yassin, his ‎mother, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, an Algerian ‎flag, a Palestinian flag, and a map of ‎‎"Palestine" that includes the PA areas as ‎well as all of Israel.‎
Text on image: "The heroic Martyr (Shahid) ‎Haitham Mahmoud Abd Al-Jalil Yassin on ‎the path of the land of a million Martyrs ‎‎[Algeria]"‎

Haitham Mahmoud Abd Al-Jalil Yassin – ‎‎36-year-old Palestinian terrorist who threw a ‎Molotov cocktail at Israeli soldiers and then ‎drew a knife and stabbed and injured one of ‎them on Mount Eibal, near Nablus, on Jan. ‎‎14, 2016. Yassin was shot and killed by the ‎soldiers.‎