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Day after murder of Israeli mother of 6, Abbas: “We are against spilling of blood… our resistance will remain peaceful”

The day after 15-year-old Palestinian terrorist Morad Adais stabbed 38-year-old Israeli Dafna Meir to death in her home in the town of Otniel, south of Hebron, in front of her children, Abbas maintained that the Palestinian "resistance" is “peaceful,” thus denying the many shooting and stabbing attacks in which dozens of Israelis have been murdered and wounded.
Official PA TV live broadcast from the Armenian Theophany (anniversary of Jesus Christ's baptism) celebrations in Bethlehem, where PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech:
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: “We are against spilling of blood, the blood of any human being. Their sex, race, or religion make no difference to us. A human being is a human being… We are all human beings, and therefore we make every effort to prevent the spilling of a drop of anyone's blood. Therefore we say to our brothers and people: We are in a state of despair, and we know that the doors are shut before us, and that the Israeli leadership is trying to shut all doors, but our resistance will remain peaceful, and we will never ask to do anything different. On the contrary, every day we have 3 or 4 Martyrs (Shahids), without any reason or justification.”

Morad Adais – 15-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed 38-year-old Israeli Dafna Meir to death in front of her children in her home in Otniel, south of Hebron, on Jan. 17. 2016. Adais was apprehended and arrested after two days by Israeli security forces.