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Swedish MPs “shocked” by PMW briefing on Palestinian incitement, will confront Swedish Foreign Minister, suggest aid depend on end of incitement

Tzvika Klein  |

"In a discussion on the topic 'Impediments to Peace' the [Swedish] MPs were briefed on Palestinian incitement. 'The evidence shocked us. We will confront the [Foreign] Minister [Wallström].'

Former [Israeli] Parliament member Rabbi Dov Lipman, who serves today as Head of Information in the office of the deputy director of the World Zionist Organization, visited the Swedish Parliament today (Tuesday) [Jan. 19, 2016]. He initiated a pro-Israel information event there following the hostile accusations of Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, who has demanded an investigation regarding the 'executions' of Palestinian terrorists who stabbed innocent Israeli civilians.

Together with the local Zionist Federation and the Israel Allies Foundation, a briefing was held in Swedish Parliament on the topic of 'Impediments to Peace,’ presented by Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), sponsored by Swedish MP Mikael Oscarsson.

Oscarsson said at the end of the discussion that 'The evidence shocked us. We intend to call Foreign Minister Wallström in order to have a public confrontation in the plenary to have her respond to our questions following the material presented to us [by PMW director Itamar Marcus].' Several local MPs and Israeli representatives participated in the briefing.

Lipman said that ‘It is important that we respond to every statement against us (i.e., Israel) in the world. The fact that MPs will learn about the incitement of the Palestinians and respond with an attempt to change policy as a result, is important to Israel and the Jews of Sweden. We want peace, but the time has come to publicize the facts of the incitement and hate coming out of the Palestinian Authority (PA). We have decided to broadcast the event live on the internet so that Israel activists throughout the world will learn the facts and be able to defend Israel and create support for Israel throughout the world.'

At the end of the event, [PMW Director Itamar] Marcus said in a conversation with NRG that 'The general message that I want to present here in Sweden is that the main reason that we have so many young [Palestinian] terrorists in recent months is because the average Palestinian child is surrounded from a young age by incitement and lies that he cannot distinguish them [from reality]. Palestinian children grow up on the fact that terrorists are heroes and role models.' Marcus presented to the MPs a football tournament for children in Ramallah named after Ahmad Manasrah, the 13-year-old terrorist who was murdered according to [PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas (- but was in fact receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital –Ed.). All of the children received a trophy in his name. 'At the same time,' Marcus said, 'there are many schools named after terrorists and murderers. The [Palestinian] child is not guilty because he has no way to distinguish or learn another way.'

'It was amazing,' summarizes Lipman, 'to hear the responses of the MPs when they saw the videos with the very problematic statements by Fatah members.' (Sic, the MPs were only shown statements by PA and Fatah officials) Lipman noted that MP Oscarsson related to the fact that the Swedish government financially supports the PA, and said that 'It is important for us to understand that we support them without there being incitement to murder, in order to promote peace between two peoples.' He also related to the statements of the foreign minister [Wallström] and said that he and his colleagues would try to make the financial aid to the PA dependent on their cessation of incitement in schools and the media.

David Brixton, Deputy Director of the World Zionist Organization initiated the event due to a decision 'to bring the facts to the public, not only to make sure they have the right information in front of them in order to refute false claims against us, but to give the message that lack of response means acceptance of the unbalanced statements of the Swedish Foreign Minister. Her statements, which expressed solidarity with the Palestinians' suffering, encourage and even justify the wave of terror that is taking the lives of civilians like Dafna Meir, mother of six children, a nurse, who was brutally stabbed to death in front of her children at the beginning of this week by a “frustrated” Palestinian who succeeded in escaping the ”unjustified killing” of which the minister accuses us.'"

Pisgat Ze'ev stabbing attack - On Oct. 12, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Hassan ‎Manasrah (15) and Ahmad Manasrah (13), stabbed Yossef Ben Shalom (21) in the Pisgat ‎Ze'ev neighborhood of East Jerusalem, and then repeatedly stabbed Naor Ben Ezra (13) who was riding his bike. Hassan Manasrah was killed while fleeing the scene, and Ahmad Manasrah was shot by Israeli police and hospitalized. Both victims of the attack were seriously injured. The terrorists, who were cousins, came from the nearby Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina.

Morad Adais – 15-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed 38-year-old Israeli Dafna Meir to death in front of her children in her home in Otniel, south of Hebron, on Jan. 17. 2016. Adais was apprehended and arrested after two days by Israeli security forces.