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PA cleric calls for genocide of Jews and killing of Americans

Dr. Ahmed Yousuf Abu Halabiah, a member of the Palestinian Shari'ah (Islamic religious law) Rulings Council, and Rector of Advanced Studies at the Islamic University:


     "The Jews are the Jews, whether Labor or Likud, the Jews are the Jews. They do not have any moderates or any advocates of peace. They are all liars… They must be butchered and they must be killed, as Allah said [in the Quran]: 'Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands. He will humiliate them, and grant you victory over them.' The Jews are like a spring: As long as you step on it with your foot, it doesn't move. But if you lift your foot off the spring, it hurts you and punishes you. This is the case of the Jews. Have no mercy on the Jews anywhere in any country. [Quran]: 'Fight them wherever you are, wherever you meet them – kill them.' Wherever you are - kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them and those who stand with them. They are all together against the Arabs and the Muslims."

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