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Fatah spokesman: Terror wave had “moral and economic support” from Palestinian leadership, “Allah willing, this uprising (i.e., terror wave) will continue"

Official PA TV program Panorama of the Hour, hosting Fatah spokesman in Gaza Fayez Abu Aita, on the popular uprising

Fatah spokesman in Gaza Fayez Abu Aita: "My greetings to our entire Palestinian people everywhere, in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and to the heroes of the blessed popular uprising (i.e., wave of Palestinian terror attacks) continuing for the fourth month, and entering a new year. It began in 2015 and today it is [still taking place] in 2016… the popular uprising has expanded today, and it enjoys the moral and economic support of the Palestinian leadership and the Fatah Movement in order to continue. The Israelis want the uprising to end, but they will not succeed, for this is the Palestinian people’s right…

(Abu Aita spoke about the fact that Fatah wants to develop and continue this uprising throughout "Palestine" in order to cause real damage to the Israeli occupation. –Ed.)

Allah willing, this uprising will continue through these young heroes, who are carrying out individual heroic operations (i.e., terror attacks) with this extraordinary popular resistance, until our people can achieve our goals."