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PA Ministry of Justice: We must "make sure that no body parts or organs were stolen from the bodies of the released Martyrs (i.e., terrorists)”

Headline: “The [PA] Minister of Justice emphasized the importance of documenting the Martyrs’ files and submitting them to international courts”
“[PA] Minister of Justice Ali Abu Diak met yesterday [Jan. 29, 2016] in his office, in the presence of Acting Prosecutor General Ahmad Al-Barrak, with a delegation of the Martyrs’ (Shahids) families who received the bodies of their sons (i.e., terrorists who died while carrying out terror attacks against Israelis) that were being held by the occupation.
The meeting discussed the promotion of the Martyrs’ files documentation issue, and ways to prepare the files and support them with forensic evidence, so that they will be legally qualified for submission to the international courts and the relevant international organizations. The minister of justice clarified to the Martyrs’ families that he has given instructions, based on the directives of President [Mahmoud] Abbas and [PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, to all medical and legal staff to work around the clock, every day of the week, especially in cases of the handing over of Martyrs’ bodies. This is in order to accelerate the documentation of the crimes [against the Martyrs] and create a file for every Martyr conforming with local and international regulations, with attention to the special circumstances, in light of the sensitive situation of the Martyrs’ families… Likewise, the meeting discussed the importance of the Martyrs’ families’ consent to the decisions of the General Prosecution to conduct an autopsy of the bodies, according to the forensic medical examiner’s recommendation, in order to determine in detail the direct cause of the Martyrs’ death, and to make sure that no body parts or organs were stolen from the bodies of the released Martyrs.”

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