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Fatah honors terrorist shooter as “heroic Martyr”

Posted text: “#The_ self-sacrificing_fighter (Fida'i)”

Text on poster:
“In the name of All Merciful Allah
‘The Martyrs (Shahids), with their Lord. For them is their reward and their light.’ (Sura 57:19, Sahih International)
The Palestinian National Liberation Movement ‘Fatah’ –
Nablus branch
Jama’in sub-branch
Accompanies its heroic Martyr to Paradise
Amjad Jasser Abu Amar
Who carried out the heroic operation at Beit-El
On Jan. 31, 2016
Peace to your soul, we will meet in Paradise”

Amjad Jasser Al-Sukkari – 34-year-old Palestinian terrorist who injured 3 Israeli soldiers in a shooting attack next to the Jewish town of Beit-El, adjacent to Ramallah, on Jan. 31, 2016. Al-Sukkari was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers. Al-Sukkari was the personal security guard of the PA General Attorney.

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