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PA security guard who shot 3 Israeli soldiers posted his last words on Facebook before his shooting attack

Headline: “The last messages of Martyr Al-Sukkari”

“Amjad Jasser Al-Sukkari wrote two nights ago [Jan. 30, 2016] in a text that accompanied a picture on Facebook: ‘Every day we hear news of death, “forgive me,” maybe I’ll be next.’ And he wrote above: ‘Allah knows who is next and where! O Allah, our nation is witness to the fact that there is no one but Allah, and our Lord Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.’
In a different text that the Martyr (i.e., shooting terrorist and personal security guard of the PA General Attorney) wrote yesterday before going to the checkpoint, he said: ‘On this land there are things worth living for. However, regrettably, I do not see anything that justifies life as long as the occupation stops our breathing and kills our brothers and sisters. O Allah, have mercy on our Martyrs, heal our injured, and release our prisoners. You came before us, and we, Allah willing, will follow after you.’

Afterward he posted a last selfie taken on the way to the checkpoint, in which he turned to his friends saying: ‘Have a morning of victory, Allah willing. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and that our Lord Muhammad is his servant and messenger.’”

Amjad Jasser Al-Sukkari – 34-year-old Palestinian terrorist who injured 3 Israeli soldiers in a shooting attack next to the Jewish town of Beit-El, adjacent to Ramallah, on Jan. 31, 2016. Al-Sukkari was shot and killed by soldiers.
Al-Sukkari was the personal security guard of the PA General Attorney.